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Mother's Day 
11th-May-2010 11:00 pm
Finally I got to celebrate Mother's Day with a living child. I got to snuggle her and spend the day be glad that I was her mother. Its also a bitter sweet day because its a reminder that only one of my daughters are here with me, but it makes me appreciate Fiona even more. Even when she is crying or refusing to sleep I still love her and am happy.

Mark and Fiona totally spoiled me. Fiona helped pick out cupcakes for me, and they got me a cheese class that I've been really wanting to take. Mark also got me a new lens for my camera. Plus we went to lunch and drove up to the summit so that I could be with both my girls. When I was in the hospital before Fiona was born I would joke that Fiona would owe me big time for being in labor with her for TEN days, I think this almost makes up for it :)

This is my 3rd mother's day, but this was by far my happiest.
13th-May-2010 12:43 am (UTC)
Happy, Happy Mother's day, Kristina!!!! You deserve all the spoiling!!! Glad this one was fantastic!!!
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