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14th-Apr-2010 10:30 pm - 9 months
So once again its been a month since I've posted. Its hard keeping up with everything; facebook and blogs, so much to update! I revamped my website and turned it into another blog (where I post more frequently) that shows my work, which includes photography, glass work, and my design work; www.kewingcreative.com. That plus client work and Fiona has kept me pretty busy. The next 2 months are my busy period, which I am looking forward to. Although I will probably be hiring a nanny for a few hours a week so that I can get more done.

Anyway... another month has gone by which means Fiona is a month older. 9 months! 3/4 of a year. How did that happen?

Fiona is all over the place now. She finally figured out crawling and is now a pro, although she mostly crawls to get somewhere to pull herself up. Couches, ottomans, chairs, toys, suitcases, the dogs; they are all props that allow Fiona to become upright. It used to be that I could walk out of a room and she would be in the same vicinity when I returned, nope not anymore. Now I'm lucky if she is still in the same room.  She has gotten a lot more steady as she walks along furniture, and has even considered taking a step without holding on to something...ok she tried but she almost fell on her face. Hopefully that is still aways off.

We are in the process of cutting out one of her nursings, which means we will be down to 3 a day. Today she skipped it without a problem, we will see how she does tomorrow. She does great with eating solids, and I do mean solids. If she can't pick it up and put in her mouth herself she has no interest in it. As long as I give her plenty of finger foods she will permit me to feed her pureed foods from a spoon (otherwise she clamps those little lips together and turns away). She eats bagels, quesadillas, veggie burgers, pasta, beans, falafell, toast, eggs, as well as fruits and veggies. She tries so hard to be independent, oi she is going to be one stubborn child!

Sleeping... well sucks. She is teething (2 on the bottom, and now the top 2 are coming in) so sleeping isn't going so well. And remember how happy I was at 8 months with the fabulous naps she was taking? Yeah, those lasted a week. She just gave me a glimpse of what life would be like with a baby who napped well. Her doctor told me that we need to start letting her cry it out at night, which is painful for all of us.

I can't believe how far she has come in the last 9 months. She is now 19 lbs 11 oz, which is in the 85%, and is 28.5 inches long (70%). Looking at her its hard to believe that she was born a preemie!
19th-Mar-2010 05:10 pm - 8 months
How is it I only manage to write a post once a month?

Anyway... Fiona is now 8 months old. She has become one curious little girl. She managed to pull herself up by herself up a week ago, and now she does it all the time. Nothing is safe, and this weekend we will be baby proofing. One of her favorite things to do is pull herself up on her toy box and start digging through it. I let her "help" me pick out clothes for her to wear, we started with her standing and I would open the drawer and she could hold on to the drawer while I picked her clothes. Now she opens the drawers and starts pulling all the clothes out (which really isn't helpful at all).

As Fiona gets older it is more fun being her mom. The other day we went to the zoo and Fiona had fun. She stood up, pointed and giggled at the animals. She got to climb on things in the children's area (well stand and walk along, but she did her best to climb them), and hang out with her friends. We do play dates and story time and she interacts so much more.

We started swim lessons a couple of weeks ago. It is so much fun. We practice kicking and using our arms. She gets to jump (or in her case lean forward) into the pool and we sing songs and splash around for 30 minutes once a week. Which will be good practice for when we go to Hawaii next month. Woohoo our first family vacation!

Her napping is getting better. Today has been fabulous. This morning she napped for an hour and a half, and this afternoon she has been asleep for over an hour so far. Fingers crossed that she keeps this up! I was able to work today, and now I'm catching up on emails and writing this post...fabulous!! She was a cat napper before, and would only sleep for 30 minutes at a time, which meant I couldn't get a lot done. But the last 2 days have been nice.

She is eating more foods and has even starting feeding herself finger foods; like puffs and peas. Now her diaper bag holds place mats and snacks (which for some reason Mark was excited about). We are still working on using a sippy cup. She knows how to drink from it (and a regular cup) just fine, as long as I hold it for her. Otherwise she will hold it upside down or chew on the handle. Tibi now camps out under the highchair during mealtimes because there is a pretty good chance something edible will hit the floor at some point.

Work is going well. I'm still working to balance work, motherhood and sleep (if starts napping better it will be so much easier). I'm working on redoing my site into more of a blog format (anyone have any recommendation on who or what they use?

Oh Fiona just woke up. Time to her her ready for a frozen yogurt playdate (the yogurt is for me, and the playdate is for her) :)

23rd-Feb-2010 05:17 pm - 7 months
I know I say this every month, but I can't believe Fiona is already 7 months old! Her personality is really starting to come out, and for the most part she is a really happy baby. She finds all kinds of things funny; tickling her, walking, tibi shaking her ears, peek-a-boo, and her toys. She loves to "walk"; we hold her hands and she walks around, she thinks its fantastic. She will take a couple of steps then lean back and grin at you, take a few more, smile, etc. When we hold her, she will start kicking her feet which is her signal for "hey put me down, I want to walk around and check things out!". She can't walk on her own yet, but she is just starting to figure out how to move along furniture, and even more exciting that if she lets go of her ottoman in her room and leans sideways she can reach her leap frog music maker. She is such a little dare devil.

She is still eating solid food, and loving it. There has only been one thing that she didn't seem to like, and that was some jarred turkey and squash (I don't blame her, I tasted it and it tasted like crap). I make almost all of her food, and so far no complaints from her. Although now meal time is a battle of who gets to feed her. She is either playing with her spoon or sticking her hands directly into her (pureed) food. Or she is trying to pick up the bowl, I need a 3rd hand just to make sure the food stays where it is suppose to! She also feeds herself rice rusks. Its great if I meet friends for lunch or an early dinner and its not quite time to eat I just hand Fiona a rice rusk and it keeps her entertained. Now if I'm feeding Fiona and something drops, tibi comes running hoping its something she can eat. I only breast feed her 4 times a day, and Fiona eats solids twice a day.

Unfortunately Fiona has had colds/bronchitis/ear infections for the last month. It doesn't slow her down or seem to affect her too much. My mom said I was the same way. She would take me to the doctors and I would be playing and laughing with the doctor and it would turn out that I had double ear infections. I can't complain about her being happy even if she has a cold (although she is far less happy in the middle of the night), but it means I don't always know if she isn't feeling well.

She is as talkative as always. Once she gets going she does not shut up! She says dada, and daddy.. of course she doesn't call Mark dada, it will be food or her toys or just randomly. Occasionally I hear mama, but thats not as often. The last couple of days its been Bababaa, which is not so great when she has a mouth full of food.

She finally seems interested in crawling and is starting to roll around and get her little but up in the air.. so we will see how long I get to enjoy putting her down and her staying put :)
21st-Jan-2010 11:50 pm - 6 month check up
Fiona's check up went great today. She is 26 1/2 inches (75th percentile!) and 16 lbs 9oz (55th percentile!), alas her poor head is only in the 10th percentile (but hey she finally made it on the chart). Poor thing got my tiny pin head. Oh well, at least she will look great in hats.

We also discussed food. She now will get solids twice a day, and she can have a more varied diet (pretty much we get to keep introducing new foods every 3-5 days). She is nursing every 4 hours or so, we just switched to 4 hours a week ago. It is fabulous having her eat every 4 hours, although now I will be adding more high chair time so all the extra free time I gained by switching to 4 hours will now be spent in the high chair. The Dr said she will eventually cut out one of her feedings, but it won't be for a little while.

She is developing on track for a baby her age, even a little advanced in some aspects. With her being a preemie we had mentally prepared our selves for her to be behind, so its a little weird to hear that she is advanced (for her actual age!). There are some things that she is lagging a bit on, but since all babies hit milestones at different ages her Dr doesn't consider her to be lagging. SO all in all an excellent check up.

She did have to get her blood drawn to check her iron, she was anemic at birth. Before they did the prick on the foot, but now that Fiona is 6 months she gets her blood drawn like a big girl; from the arm. Fiona did NOT like that at all. I'm hoping her iron levels will be good and we won't have to repeat the test at 9 months. If she is still anemic then we will have go back to giving her a supplement (other then the iron fortified cereal). She hates the stuff, and we used to get face fulls of it when she spit it out, so obviously we aren't a fan of it either. Fingers crossed that her levels have come up.
18th-Jan-2010 10:04 pm - 6 Months
I can't believe 6 months have gone by since Fiona was born. A half year! She is such a joy to be around. For the most part she is a happy baby and full of smiles. She has her moments of fussiness but it normally doesn't last too long. This last month has been full of all kinds of discoveries. We started solid food on Christmas, she has so far enjoyed food. She has tried; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, butternut squash, corn, bananas, and tonight was peas (she wasn't too sure about the peas, she ate them, but so far not her favorite). Its fun watching her try all the different foods. She often tries to "help" feed herself and those nights food ends up everywhere! She also likes to drink out of a cup. Every time I take a drink of something she is reaching for it so that she can have some too, its so cute! We tried the sippy cup tonight, and she went to town with it.

She is also working on sitting. She can't get into a seated postition on her own, but we often play with toys or books while sitting. Now she can play with her toys while sitting on her own.

She also loves to stand. She loved to stand up while holding on to me hands, so I figured I would let her try standing holding on to other things. So now we play with her interactive book while standing (she likes it better standing because she can reach all of the things to move and push). The book goes on her ottoman, and she stands next to it playing. Today I took her over to a friends house for a playdate and she was standing up playing with some of the toys.

I really enjoy watching her discover new things (like her feet! Playthings that are always there!). We got locked out of the house the other day and while waiting for my brother-in-law to come by and rescue us we walked around the neighborhood and checked out the trees and flowers (the flowers unfortunately never stood a chance). She loves to touch things; she pets the dogs, plays with my hair, etc.

I can't believe how much she has grown in the last 6 months, we have her 6 month check up on thursday so we will find out her height and weight.  She was in the 50th percentile at 4 months so I'm curious to see where she is now. Its so hard to believe she was born at 32 weeks.
12th-Jan-2010 02:44 pm - Nightlights
I mentioned in my last post that I was working on some nightlights. It was so great to be able to get out to my studio and just have some time to play around.

Here are a few of the nightlights:

Check out my etsy store for more: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ksleepy
1st-Jan-2010 10:22 pm - New years resolutions
Another year has come to end and a fresh year has started which of course means its time to make new years resolutions.

2009 has been an interesting year. It had good times and bad times. I started off the year graduating with my bachelors degree, and finding out that I was pregnant. Then I lost my job, and I've been technically unemployed for 10 months now, and we spent the last 10 months waiting to lose our house. We also spent the first half of the year nervously awaiting the arrival of Fiona. After losing Penelope being pregnant again was stressful and the pregnancy was far from smooth sailing. Fiona arrived 8 weeks early and then we spent 3 weeks anxiously awaiting to bring her home. The second half of the year wasn't any less stressful with me still not working and losing the house still a real possibility. However having Fiona put it all in perspective. We stopped caring if we lost the house as long as our family was okay. In fact we are already planning for what happens when the banks decide not to work with us after our temporary mod is over. The important thing is that we stay strong as a family.

So with 2009 over, I look forward to what 2010 will bring. There are a few things that I want to accomplish, but since I always seem to run out of time in a day I will try to focus on 5 things.

1) Growing my freelance/contract client base. I really need to start marketing myself and putting myself out there to get new clients. I have no plans to return to work, so I need to be able to work from home successfully.

2) Since moving to Austin may be happening sooner then we were originally planning, I want to do a few things on my 100 Things list that can only be done in California (like #89-eat garlic ice cream, #68- run the bay to breakers, and #27-hike mission peaks)

3) Try to get back in shape. Ideally I would like to take the dogs on a run twice a week and get to the gym at least once a week (for me to work out... I will soon be going with Fiona, but it won't really be a work out for me)

4) Get back to crafting. Maybe start Apron Anarchy again, and definitely spend some more time in my glass studio (I just finished a bunch of night lights, and as soon as I found the right bulbs I will most them).

5) Try to do a better job managing the household. I don't have dreams of being June Cleaver, but I would like the house clean enough that people can stop by anytime and I don't have to worry, and I would like to cook/bake more, and continue to make the majority of Fiona's food.
19th-Dec-2009 07:23 pm - 5 months
How have 5 months passed already??? Fiona has really changed. She is still a chatty baby. She talks all the time; to us, to her stuffed animals, to the dogs, etc. We are in serious trouble when she learns to form words, we are never going to get her to shut up :)

She has been on the same schedule for awhile now. Its nice. I'm sure it will start to change when teething kicks in more. Right now she just drools...ALOT. As in multiple bibs a day kind of drool. We arent sure when teething will happen with her. Since she is a preemie it could be delayed, but so far she hasn't really been delayed on to many other things.

She rolled over for the first time a few weeks ago, and nothing for a few weeks. Now she rolls over more, especially if she is following a toy or wants to see what I'm doing. While we were in Austin she was showing off and rolling over a couple times a day. Speaking of Austin, it was soooo easy to travel with Fiona. She barely fussed on the plane, people were commenting on how great a baby she was. We were worried on the flight back because of her cold, but she still did fine.

I'm really looking forward to christmas with her this year. I know she is too young to enjoy it or understand it, but for me she is the best gift I could have asked for.
7th-Dec-2009 10:43 pm - Work
For the last month I haven't really done any work. The last week or so I've been feeling out of sorts. I love being at home with Fiona, but I really need to work on balancing being a mommy and being me. Lucky for me one of my clients sent me some work today, and another client has been unbelievably understanding that it took my a little while to complete a project. I have just felt the need to create lately. And its really hard to create when I constantly have another person to take care of. Mark is really busy with work lately and hasn't been around as much as I would like him to be, so I've also been feeling a little lonely. I need to see if I can find a mommy group in the area...hmm I think their used to be a rose garden moms group. I'm going to have to look that up again.

We leave for Austin in a few days. I'm really not excited to go. THe whole traveling with a baby thing, plus Mark will be working so he won't really be available to help with Fiona. So I will just be hanging with Mark's parents alot. At least when we get home it will be almost christmas, and I will get to see some family and friends that I haven't seen in awhile.
22nd-Nov-2009 11:42 pm - 4 months
Its hard to believe Fiona is 4 months already. Her personality is really starting to come out, and she is so much fun to be around. She is a total "talker", and will chat up a storm during play time or when we are in the car running errands. Most of the time she is a happy, smiley baby. She is just starting to get into a schedule, which is really nice. She started sleeping through the night when I was swamped with work and she kept it up.

At her 4 month appointment she weighed in at 13lbs 11 oz and measured 24 inches tall. Both of which are in the 50th percentile for her actual age (not her corrected age)! Its amazing that she caught up so quickly. Her pediatrician was impressed with how well she was doing. At the moment she is on target for the normal milestones for her actual age; rolling over, putting weight on her legs, babbling, laughing, etc. Since she is doing so well we get to start feeding her real food, well rice cereal. She doesn't eat much of it, but her dr didn't expect her too. Its mostly just practice with using the spoon. Although she does eat less in her night bottle since we started the rice cereal. Which could be that she is eating a little and feeling fuller or that she changed her schedule a little and is getting a full feeding before bed (if she ate at 8 pm, she would want to eat again at 9pm when we get her ready for bed... and in an hour I wasn't producing much, but she changed her schedule so now she eats at 6 or 7pm which gives me more time to make milk before her 9pm feeding.)

My parents got to meet her last week, it was nice introducing them. And next month we head to texas to visit with her other grandparents. I'm a little nervous about flying with a baby, so hopefully it goes well.
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