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Its been how long since I've posted??? 
5th-Nov-2010 11:16 pm
Some how I've blinked and 3 1/2 months have past. I've been busy, like insanely busy. Through word of mouth my design business is taking off. I used to have 1 main client, and now I have 4 all doing a good amount of business with me each month. Plus the smaller projects that come in. So my days are get up, eat breakfast, turn Fiona loose for an hour while I work, go to some type of play group or playdate, eat lunch, work a few hours while Fiona naps (thats right I said Fiona, naps and hours in the same sentence! She finally naps). Work some more while Fiona entertains herself (normally while trashing her room in the process), walk the dogs, do dinner, bath, bed, and then work a few more hours. Oi! If I'm lucky my day ends around 1am. Add to the mix that we are in the middle of short selling our house and buying a house in Austin, TX. So that means I'm also packing when I have free time. Like I said; insanely busy!

But I've also never been happier. I'm doing work that I enjoy. I like having my own clients and being able to manage my own schedule. Plus I'm with Fiona. We go to play groups, hang out, and I try to spend a few minutes with her whenever I get the chance. Sometimes she sits on my lap and plays on her laptop while I work on mine. She brings me books to read to her, and brings me toys.

I can't believe how much Fiona has grown in the last few months. At her 15 months appointment she was in the 96th percentile for height! And she talks and does things that just amazes me.
I've lost track of how many words she says, my guess is at least 60+. She seems to learn a new word every day and has even started stringing words together. Today's word that she learned was "backpack". On halloween she learned to say trick or treat (twick tweet) and thank you. Speaking of Halloween, how stinking cute was she???

She loves animals of all kinds and normally shrieks with glee when she see's them. She can say; dog, cat, fish, cow, pig, duck and goat. She is working on turtle and bird. I try to take her to zoo's, and farms so that she can see all the different animals.

She likes reading to herself, I will often find her in her room giggling over some book. And she pulls books into her crib, and we can sometimes hear her reading to herself (and by reading, I mean pointing at pictures and saying what things are. So we often hear "ball", "go go", or "hat", depending on what book she has)

She is also stubborn and independent. She doesn't like us to help her with things. She wants to push the stroller, carry the basket at the store and often gets really frustrated when she can't do something.

Its amazing watching her grow, but its going by so fast!

I mentioned above that we bought a house and are moving to Austin, TX. We've been talking about moving for years and it is finally happening. We found a great house, its HUGE, in a good neighborhood and close to good schools. Its in South Austin only 15 minutes from downtown. I'm really looking forward to the move. I however am really going to miss my friends. I finally met women at playgroups that I like and we hang out, and our kids are all close in age. I'm going to miss the things we have been doing for years. I'm going to miss my favorite restaurants, and favorite stores. I'm going to miss my book club. There are so many things I am going to miss. But I know that financially this is the best thing for our family. And I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. Luckily with mark's job being here still he will have to come out once a month. I'm sure we will tag along on some of those trips so that we can see everyone.

This weekend is Penelope's birthday, she would have been 3. I often get sad when I see Fiona play with little girls who are around that age. I wonder what their relationship would have been like. We will do what we have done every year for her birthday and head up to the summit (another thing I will miss).

I will attempt to update more, but it depends on my schedule. Right now I'm suppose to be working, but since its friday night no one is waiting for the file first thing in the morning.
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