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First Birthday 
15th-Jul-2010 01:15 pm
I can't believe that Fiona is 1 years old! I year ago Fiona made a rather dramatic entrance, and weighed in at 4lbs 14oz. A year later she is a walking, talking toddler.

Fiona took her first steps 10 days ago, and its been an adventure since! She still prefers to crawl but she does walk around a little bit. She also is talking a little bit, she says Mommy and Daddy plus doggy, shoe and tree (and yellow occasionally).

We had Fiona's birthday party last weekend. It was a fabulous celebration of Fiona, alot of her friends came as well as alot of people that have been there cheering Fiona on since the beginning. It was a great way to celebrate Fiona turning 1.

I'm looking forward to the next year, Fiona is becoming a little girl over the next year she will grow, walk, talk and experience so many things for the first time (this week alone she got to go to her first movie and on her first bike ride).
16th-Jul-2010 03:25 am (UTC)
happy birthday, sweet fiona!

p.s. where did you get that birthday hat?!
16th-Jul-2010 04:20 am (UTC)
Where else? Etsy :) (http://www.etsy.com/shop/andjane?section_id=5451156) I actually bought it for a friends kid when they turned 1 and they let Fiona borrow it for her birthday. I almost bought her one, but I didn't think she would wear it
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