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10 months 
17th-May-2010 02:34 pm
Fiona turned 10 months old on saturday, how did that happen? She is much more a little girl and less babyish. She wants so badly to be independent and will push things away that she doesn't want. She also drops food over the edge of her high chair when she is done with it... the dogs are thrilled!

She is still crawling all over the place and has discovered that she can climb things. She can crawl up stairs and climb on things at the playground. She also crawls over things instead of going around. Dog in the middle of the room? No problem she will just try to climb over the dog.

She loves to make noise, whether its seeing how loud she can talk or by banging things together. And she still likes to play with non toys. One of her favorite toys is a rubber spatula. The box of diapers that was delivered the other day is also a fun toy to bang on (even better if it is with her spatula).

She is still a terrible sleeper. She normally sleeps from 10ish until 2am and then is awake. And yes we put her down LONG before 10pm, she just fights going to sleep for a very long time. This week is dedicated to getting her to nap better. I have a bunch of work over the next few weeks and I NEED her to nap better.

Mark and I started planning Fiona's first birthday, I am sooo excited that we have a child turning 1! Its going to be rockstar themed, we even booked a band :) We are waiting to hear back from the band which day is better and then I can finish up the invites.

Okay, I can only ignore the crying for so long. I'm off to tell Fiona that it is okay and to try to get her to take a nap.
18th-May-2010 02:49 am (UTC)
aw-i can't believe she's 10 months already! she's so cute, and i love hearing about her spunky personality!
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